one-of-a-kind fine art doll # 78/ 2009
ooak fantasy sculpture





Laura-Rose was hand sculpted  from artists polymer clay over a strong wire armature .  
I'm always careful to use manufacturer's recommendations for baking.

She is an original one of a kind sculpture - an art doll
She is totally unique and
she will never be duplicated (by me).
I never use any molds in my work. All  features - also her eyes - are hand painted
in heat set paints (genesis).  Her skin is light clay, shaded and blushed to give her a natural glow. 
The hair is  blond tibetan lambs wool.
She  comes with her base (she is removable for secure shipping)

and with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by
She is about 5,5 inches tall in her sitting  position, on her base 7,5 ",  
Base:  diameter 4,5.