The Wolf And The Fairy 

one-of-a-kind  fine art doll  2012
ooak fantasy sculpture by Helena Thomiczny

The fairy is hand sculpted  from artists polymer clay over a wire armature.
Her skin is light clay, shaded and blushed.

All features are hand painted in heat set paints
and the hair is black viscose.
The wolf is also hand sculpted 
from "premix" over a strong wire armature
and his fur is applied layer by layer (from silk, alpaca, merino). His tail can be posed.

These are original "one-of-a-kind "sculptures and they will never be duplicated .
No molds were used n my work.









They come with a COA.

The fairy is removable from her hand sculpted wolf.

The fairy is about 9,3 inches tall while sitting on her wolf. The wolf measures 10 inches from snout to tail. No base.


Thank you for your interest in my work.

All rights reserved - all pictures and artwork copyright dolls-and-desire 2012