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Aurelie - Waiting for springtime"
one-of-a-kind 41/2007
ooak fantasy sculpture by Helena

This red-headed fairy is a hand sculpted artist doll # 41 designed by myself. 
She was built from artists polymer clay prosculpt light over a  strong wire armature
and is totally unique.
She is one of a kind and will never be duplicated.
There are never any molds used in my work..
All features are hand painted in heat set paints (genesis). 

Her skin is painted, shaded and blushed to give her a natural glow. 
Her hair is red tibetan lambswool. The beautyful translucent handmade 
wings are flexibel and can be gently posed .  She comes without a base.
Aurelie is dressed with silk, organza, pearls, glitter.........

She would be 4,7" tall in her kneeling/sitting position.
This sculpture is an art doll
and not meant to be played with.

Thanks for taking a look.